What is Journaling?

Journaling can be as simple as getting your thoughts and feelings written down on to a piece of paper

Journaling is a way of making sense of those thoughts. By writing about them, it can help you figure out who you really are, work out what makes you tick and understand why you feel the way that you do. Journaling is an effective way of dealing with anxiety, depression, and other negative traits. But, not only can Journaling help you improve your mental health, it can also improve your memory, health, positivity, gratitude and assist you in setting and achieving goals you never thought were possible.

Do you find it hard to sort out the thoughts in your head?

So did I, until I discovered Journaling. It allows you to take all of those thoughts that rattle around inside your head and put them down on to a piece of paper. Through this simple process, you will begin to make more sense of your thoughts, just from writing them down.

What are the benefits
of Journaling?

Journaling has so many benefits; it's not just for when we're feeling anxious or depressed.

By writing about the things that are on your mind, you will automatically begin to feel better. Why? Because by releasing all of those thoughts and feelings that you may have been keeping inside, your body relaxes.

The tension you may have felt, alleviates. The raised blood pressure you may have been experiencing, drops. The stress you're putting your immune system through, relaxes and allows all those white blood cells to return to doing what they do best, fighting off the diseases that they were put there to fight off in the first place.


The Physical Health benefits of journaling are astounding. Research has shown that by writing 'emotionally', we feel better, not just in our minds, but physically in our bodies too. It lowers blood pressure and boosts the immune system too - why are we avoiding all this goodness?


Have you ever wondered why you think the way that you do? By Journaling on a regular basis, you will begin to understand yourself much better. If you ask yourself the right questions (which you can learn about in my course) the journey of self-discovery will be profound. In my mid-forties, I thought I knew myself pretty well. I was wrong! By digging deeper into my thoughts, I began to understand myself a lot better and also learnt why I thought the way that I did. This gave me the opportunity to change that if I wanted to, or understand that's why I think that way - Brilliant.

Who is The Journaling Guy?

Hello, I'm Matt Young, The Journaling Guy. I've been an expert communicator throughout my working life. Moving from Sales into Broadcasting was a natural progression for me and one that not only helped me hone my skills, but improve them dramatically. Now I want to help others to communicate better too.

If the thought of telling someone your deepest, darkest secrets is a little too daunting, then writing about them in a journal is a great place to start. I believe that keeping those thoughts and feelings bottled up inside, isn't doing you any good, and that talking about them is vital too.

However, if the thought of opening up fills you with dread, Journaling is an excellent first step in that process.

You Should Know

The Journaling Guy - JOURNAL


Journaling is great way to your mental health. Topics which you may not feel comfortable talking to other people about, can be tackled easier by writing them down


When you journal about positive things, guess what, positive things start to happen! Its a great way of being grateful and gratitude always brings about positivity


Honesty is the best policy. When you're completely honest with yourself, revelations will happen. Journaling is private, so write down your deepest and darkest thoughts


Below, are my courses which you can take, right now! I just want to get you started and help you realise the power of writing your thoughts down. You'll gain clarity, understanding and most of all, learn an awful lot about yourself. Writing expressively helps us in so many ways. Not only will you feel better for writing your thoughts down, but you will also improve your immune system, your memory and it will help you make sense of why you think the way you do. Start the journey to self-discovery and become a better person for it; I know, because that’s exactly what I experienced.

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